We are so proud of the many graduates from the Steps Dance Center program.  Some of our distinguished alumni include:

Erin Coyne, 2013
Erin is currently majoring in Dance at the University of Minnesota.

“Steps Dance Center guided me through my whole journey as a dancer and has helped me decide that I want to continue dance in my future as a career. I am thankful for all of the amazing teachers that created the dancer I am today and for having an environment that is so welcoming. It will always hold a very special place in my heart.”

Aisha Parekh, 2013
Aisha is currently attending St. Louis University, where she is a member of the professional competitive Fusion Bollywood Dance Team, Shakti.

Paige Robinson, 2013
Paige is currently attending Iowa State University, where she is a member of the Orchesis I Modern Dance Company as well as the ISU Dub H Hip Hop Club.

Emily Rosenberg, 2013
Emily is currently attending Illinois State University, where she is performing in all ISU football and basketball games as a member of the Illinois State Redline Express Dance Team.

Makayla May, 2012
Makayla is currently attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she performs in all home football and basketball games as well as competing nationally with the Illini Dance Team.

Alexa Geist, 2011
Alexa is currently attending Miami University of Ohio and serves as Artistic Director of their Vision Dance Company.

 “Steps helped me reach my dancing goals in a couple of ways. I always felt like the environment was a safe one where I felt comfortable being myself and looked forward to coming to class and seeing what that day had in store. The wide variety of genres, and teaching styles I got exposure to I think helped keep us truly well rounded dancers. Furthermore, we spent so much time together as a company in rehearsals, at conventions, and at competitions that I really did feel like it was my second family (the “Steps Family” analogy). Most importantly, throughout all the years there I really grew to love dance as a discipline as well as an outlet for self-expression. It built up my confidence and I learned that through dedication and team work, so much is possible. And that feeling of reward when all your hard work pays off is one that cannot be matched. I carried these experiences with me to Miami and although I was nervous having never really choreographed before, I took inspiration from all the teachers and dances I had at Steps and used that to help me along the way. Although we have all gone separate ways since graduating, the memories made over the years at Steps are ones I will never forget.”

Krista Zozulia, 2011
Krista is currently majoring in Contemporary Dance at the University of Indiana.

” Steps helped me reach many of my goals by providing amazing guest teachers and positive role models. Through my years at Steps, I was pushed not only to work hard and improve, but to shine through my talents and personality. Steps inspired me to continue dancing because of their support and eagerness for their dancers to branch out of their comfort zones.”

Nicole Zozulia, 2011
Nicole is currently pursuing her BFA in Dance at the University of Iowa.  She is a member of the Dance Department touring company, Dancers in Company, and will be touring all over the Midwest this spring!